Severance of Ties with Morocco: Algeria Must Assume “Historical and Political Responsibility” – Panamanian Media –

Algeria will have to assume the “historical and political responsibility” for the severance of diplomatic relations with Morocco, said a Panamanian media outlet, which noted that despite this hostile approach, the Kingdom remains attached to the centuries-old bonds of brotherhood with the Algerian people. For the Panamanian digital newspaper “La Verdad Panamá”, the decision of the Algerian regime which is “unilateral and unjustified, defies all diplomatic logic”. The author of the article lays bare the fallacious pretexts put forward by the Algerian authorities, while echoing the commitment of Morocco, in view of its historical responsibility and in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines, to “continue acting with serenity, wisdom and responsibility”. In this context, the Panamanian newspaper recalled the hand that has always been extended by HM King Mohammed VI to Algeria, citing in particular the speeches addressed by the Sovereign on the occasion of the Throne Day in 2011 and 2021, as well as the speech delivered on November 6, 2018, on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the Green March, which perfectly reflect the unwavering position of Morocco to work, hand in hand, to revive, with seriousness and dynamism, the project of regional integration, which is part of the natural course of the history in the Maghreb. Regarding the fallacious allegations of the Algerian authorities on an alleged interference in its domestic affairs, the Panamanian media recalled that the Kingdom has always refrained from interfering in such affairs. Morocco has always promoted the return of stability and security in Algeria, as evidenced by the fraternal decision taken by HM the King, following His participation in the 17th Summit of the Arab League, to extend His stay for five days and walk the streets of the capital without an escort, it said. Instead of promoting the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, Algeria has opted for severance and escalation, deplored the same source which was surprised that the Algerian authorities have declined the benevolent and commended proposal of Morocco to provide, upon high royal instructions, two Canadairs to put out wild fires and help the hard-hit populations. The paper questioned the Algerian officials’ decision to cut off the only adequate channel for dialogue between the two countries, by refusing Morocco’s offer of dialogue and maintaining the closure of the borders between the two countries.