Arab League Delegation to Observe Elections in Morocco

A delegation of the League of Arab States will participate in the observation of the communal, regional and legislative elections to be held on September 8 in Morocco. The Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, was tasked to form a delegation led by Tunisian diplomat Mohamed Salah Ben Aissa, Assistant Secretary General and head of the League’s center in Tunis, to observe the elections scheduled for September 8, 2021 in the Kingdom of Morocco, the organization said Sunday in a statement. According to the same source, the delegation which arrived Saturday in Morocco, will meet during its mission the various parties involved in the preparation and organization of these elections. The delegation’s objectives are to “assess the various aspects of the electoral process objectively and impartially, including the candidates’ election campaigns, voting, counting and tallying of votes, as well as to ensure their compliance with the laws and regulations followed in the country and with international standards,” the document added. The mission will issue its preliminary statement at the end of the observation process, as well as its final report, which will be submitted to the Secretary General of the League of Arab States, with detailed observations on the mission and its recommendations. This initiative is part of “the importance attached by the Arab League to the monitoring of elections of its member states, and its concern to support and strengthen the democratic process, consolidate good governance and ensure the smooth running of electoral processes within it,” concluded the statement.