September 8 Elections: PEDD Puts Environment at Center of its Electoral Program

“A better life in a better environment” is the slogan of the electoral program of the Environment and Sustainable Development party (PEDD) during the communal, regional and legislative elections of September 8, with three pillars inspired by the High Royal Directives and in line with the United Nations SDGs. The first pillar of the PEDD electoral program focuses on public policies based on sustainable and resilient management of the environment, particularly natural resources. The second pillar relates to the establishment of a model of economic growth and territorial development that is equitable and balanced, preserves the rights of future generations, promotes social justice, and should adapt to environmental changes. The third pillar deals with responsible public decision-makers who will implement the principles of precaution, prevention, repair and accountability. Through these three pillars of its electoral program, the PEDD aims to carry out until 2025 and beyond an action that is meant to achieve a better quality of life, notably through the protection of the climate, biodiversity and natural areas. It also intends to apply the principle of health for all, while insisting on prevention and risk management and promoting access to decent housing for all. Regarding the economic component, the party advocates for an economy of solidarity that generates employment through the development of an equitable and inclusive economy, whose objective is to improve education, learning and training, to promote the creation of quality jobs that respect the dignity of all, to establish sustainable agriculture and fisheries and to ensure general access to a healthy and balanced diet. In the sector of education, the party calls for investment in education, knowledge and innovation, giving priority to a youth citizen, who is well-educated and well-trained through investment in higher education and quality research and the promotion of sport as a tool for development and progress.