Kerry Kennedy’s Blunder or Patched-up Lobbying

The chairwoman of the American “RFK Center”, Kerry Kennedy, has committed a blatant blunder while seeking to defend at all costs the Polisario separatists’ schemes in the southern provinces of Morocco.
In a video posted on her website and on YouTube, Kerry Kennnedy is talking about “torture and repression” perpetrated by Moroccan law enforcement agents against Sahrawi civilians in Laayoune. Her remarks are illustrated with two videoed images showing police officers taking action against the crowd in what is claimed to be Western Sahara.

The problem is that the first edited video showing Moroccan police agents dispersing protesters was actually shot in the city of Guelmim back in 2008 and not in Laayoune in 2013.
The second video was just grotesque. Kerry Kennedy’s video editing staff actually collected pictures of clashes between Tunisian police and protesters during the Jasmine Revolution in late 2010 and early 2011 in the streets of Sidi Bouzid, the town where the uprising against the regime of Ben Ali started.

The Tunisian police agents in the second video are wearing black uniforms while the uniforms of the Moroccan police shown in the first video are either green or blue depending on their unit.
But out of her excessive zeal to incriminate Moroccan law enforcement agents, the chairwoman of the NGO which claims to defend human rights, presents the two videos as an evidence of the repression of Sahrawi peaceful demonstrators by Moroccan security forces in the southern provinces of Morocco.
She also speaks unabashedly of cases of murder and torture without presenting any credible evidence.
The conclusion to be drawn from this staging is that in some cases, some people do no hesitate to lie and fabricate proofs where there is none, especially if they are lavishly paid in petrodollars for this kind of dirty work. And Kerry Kennedy and her foundation seem fond of such practices that are nothing more than patched-up lobbying.