2021 Elections: CCIMB Hails Elections’ “Resounding” Success

The Moroccan-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMB) welcomed, on Friday, the “resounding” success of the 2021 elections in Morocco. In a statement, the CCIMB’s Board of Directors Executive Bureau, adopted a Special Motion, paying a “vibrant” tribute to the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI for the resounding success of the democratic, inclusive and transparent organization in a one single day of the triple electoral process; a “first in the political annals of the Kingdom.” The CCIMB “noted with great satisfaction the various statements on the smooth running of the voting operation, the quality and the total transparency of their organization made by the spokespersons of the 5,020 national and foreign observers,” commending the successful conduct of these elections “despite the exceptional circumstances linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.” This Special Motion was adopted at the end of CCIMB’s Board of Directors Executive Bureau’s meeting, organized by videoconference. This meeting was co-chaired by Asparuh Karastoyanov and Mohamed H’midouche, respectively President and Executive Vice-President. The Moroccan-Bulgarian Chamber recalled, in its statement, that it works tirelessly to strengthen bilateral economic relations between Morocco and Bulgaria through co-investment and co-development activities in high value-added sectors such as products derived from phosphates, textiles, food, seafood, renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency. It also facilitates the access of Moroccan economic operators to the markets of the South-East European countries as well as Russia and their Bulgarian counterparts, to access the various markets on the African continent where Moroccan banks and companies are well established.