There is a Great Opportunity to Redefine Relations with Morocco, Spanish Gov’t Says

The Spanish government said that there is “a great opportunity” to redefine relations with Morocco following the speech delivered by HM King Mohammed VI to the Nation on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People. In a written answer to a question from the Vox parliamentary group, published on Tuesday, the government noted that “is presently a great opportunity to redifine bilateral relations and its foundations.” In this regard, the Spanish executive led by Pedro Sanchez affirmed that it is working to build “new and strong relations with Morocco” to consolidate “bilateral cooperation.” In its answer, the Spanish coalition government reaffirmed that “Morocco is a strategic partner and a friendly country”. HM King Mohammed VI underlined, in His speech of August 20, that Morocco, with a feeling of optimism, looks forward to continuing to work with the Spanish government and with the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, to usher in a new, unprecedented phase in the relations between the two countries, on the basis of trust, transparency, mutual respect and the fulfillment of obligations.