Moroccan Sahara: Importance of Capitalizing on Achievements of Roundtable Process Highlighted in New York

The importance of capitalizing on the achievements of the round tables, which were held in Geneva in 2018 and 2019, as part of the efforts to achieve a final solution to the Sahara conflict on the basis of the Moroccan autonomy initiative was put forward Wednesday before the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly. Rwandan geopolitologist and academic Ismael Buchanan insisted, in this regard, on the need to reinforce the process of round tables for the search of a final settlement of the Moroccan Sahara issue, underlining that the autonomy plan remains the only serious and credible option that can put an end to this dispute, under the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom. Through its parameters of realism, pragmatism and compromise, the Moroccan autonomy initiative undoubtedly represents the basis of a final solution to this regional dispute, he said, adding that through this initiative, the populations of the region will be able to democratically manage their own affairs through legislative, executive and legal bodies. Mr. Buchanan also noted that the United Nations remains the “only” framework for the settlement of the Moroccan Sahara issue. He also referred to Algeria’s “important” role in this regional conflict through the support it provides to the separatists of the Polisario. The host country, Algeria, is party to the conflict, he pointed out, stressing that the Security Council has called on this country to show serious commitment throughout the political process aimed at achieving a final solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.