Regionalization is Underway in Moroccan Sahara – Former Congolese Minister

Regionalization is underway in the Moroccan Sahara, underlined, Wednesday in New York, former Congolese minister Pierre N’Guimbi, noting that during the three elections held on September 8, the population in the southern provinces freely expressed their attachment to their country. Speaking to the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly, Mr. N’Guimbi, who chairs the Association “Maroc-Afrika Cultures et Développement”, recalled that internationally, the majority of the UN member states supports the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative, adding that the opening of 24 Consulates General by several countries in Morocco’s southern provinces represents a “major fact” which confirms the Moroccanness of the Sahara. He stressed that with resolution 2548, the Security Council once again chooses realism and sets out the political process towards a lasting solution, adding that the autonomy plan is the only serious and credible solution that can put an end to this regional dispute, within the framework of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Morocco. “Security Council resolution 2548 is a founding document for the final settlement of the Moroccan Sahara issue,” he said, noting that this resolution “therefore reinforces the approach of the Kingdom of Morocco which is based on international legality through dialogue and compromise in line with the will of the population and the reality on the ground, the pursuit of the development dynamic and the increased recognition of the international community. He also pointed out that resolution 2548 “clearly” defines the real parties in this regional dispute, while pointing to the role of the host country, Algeria, mentioned no less than 5 times.