Govt. Program Lacks Clear Figures and Indicators – Opposition –

The government program lacks a frame of reference, figures and clear indicators, said Wednesday, the opposition groups in the House of Representatives. During a plenary session devoted to the discussion of the content of the government program, these groups stressed that the latter is a simple declaration of intent that reveals neither mechanisms of execution nor a timetable for implementation over the next five years. The Socialist group considers, in this sense, that “the draft government program does not meet expectations and is not up to this new alternation,” adding that this program, “even if it gives great importance to economic and social issues, remains below the historical moment marked by the launch of the operationalization of the development model”. After stressing “the importance of accelerating the implementation of constitutional provisions delayed for a decade”, it called for the urgent creation of the Authority for parity and the fight against all forms of discrimination and the advisory Council of youth and associative action, the strengthening of the missions of the inter-ministerial delegation for human rights and the renewal of public and general policies related to the system of human rights, as well as the development of a new national plan for democracy and human rights, under the same participatory approach that has prevailed before. In the same vein, the Popular Movement group noted that “the government program lacks innovation and sets priorities that are far from new, such as health, education, social coverage and the consolidation of the social vocation of the State”. The group notes, however, that there are in this program “timid references to sectors and public policies such as equipment, transport, water resources, digital transition, social and territorial disparities, energy transition, administrative reform and scientific research”. The Progress and Socialism group said that the government program is faithful to the Royal High Directions and the objectives of the New Development Model. While stressing that this program includes important choices, the group notes, however, that “the evaluation of the action of the new government will be measured by the results and the fulfillment of promises made under the sign of a social state”. As for the grouping of Justice and Development, it considered that the government program stands out for the phraseology and the absence of indicators and economic and social objectives that should be achieved during the mandate of this Executive, adding that this program did not mention the rates of economic growth, the budget deficit, the volume of public investment, or the unemployment and inflation rates.