Morocco’s Fathallah Sijilmassi Becomes First Director General of AU Commission

Following a selection process conducted by the African Union (AU), from a wide panel of high-level candidates and based on the criteria of transparency, merit and competence, Fathallah Sijilmassi becomes the first Director General in the history of the AU Commission. This new position, created at the end of the 11th Extraordinary Summit of AU Heads of State and Government in November 2018, is part of the structural reform of the AU Commission. Sijilmassi accedes to the highest non-elective position in the hierarchy of the African Union Commission. It follows Sijilmassi’s international responsibilities as Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean. Sijilmassi will, inter alia, be responsible for leading the cross-cutting governance of the structures of the AU Commission (AUC) and ensuring operational coordination between the various departments of the AUC and with member States as well as optimal performance of the pan-African technostructure.