Akhannouch Reiterates Government’s Commitment to Implementing Social Protection Project Within Set Deadlines

The Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch reiterated, Thursday in Rabat, the commitment of the government to implementing the social protection project within the set deadlines, highlighting the particular interest granted by HM King Mohammed VI to this project. Speaking at the opening of the Government’s Council, Mr. Akhannouch underlined that “following the extension of the medical coverage and pension for the benefit of 3 million citizens, after the acceleration by the government of the adoption of decrees which benefit a large number of the categories concerned, the government continues, assiduously, the completion of the legal system of this national project”, said the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with the Parliament, Government’s Spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas, during a press briefing held after the Cabinet meeting. The head of government stressed that the new draft decrees will cover medical insurance and the pension scheme for the benefit of nearly 8 million Moroccans, mainly 1.6 million farmers, 500,000 artisans and 170,000 taxi drivers as well as their right holders. In general, the government will have paved the way for nearly 11 million Moroccans and their right holders to have access to insurance and pensions, with the same services and healthcare benefits enjoyed by private sector employees and public sector salaries, he pointed out. Mr. Akhannouch said that to date, 11 Government Councils have been held, without omitting to discuss decisions, texts and reports relating to the social aspect, noting that this commitment reflects the determination of the government to strengthen the pillars of the social state through decisions that have an impact on the ground.