Algerian Regime Must Look for Other Option than Escalation with Morocco – Lebanese Writer –

The Algerian regime is called upon to look for other option than escalation with Morocco and avoid its outdated and obsolete slogans, such as the relations that exist between the Kingdom of Morocco and Israel, “relations which are public, known and which are in no way directed against Algeria”, underlined the Lebanese writer and journalist, Khairallah Khairallah. In an Op-ed published Wednesday by the Lebanese newspaper “Al-Nahar Al-Arabi”, the journalist said that Morocco “has provided all the services it can offer in favor of the Palestinian cause, and the Palestinians know this before anyone else,” adding that “everything Morocco does, it does in a clear way, and in addition it has not received any Israeli officials in secret, and participated militarily in the October 1973 war on the Syrian front, where the blood of Moroccan soldiers spilt in the occupied Golan Heights”. He stressed that instead of an escalation with Morocco for unfounded reasons, which denote a “deep complex” with regard to the neighboring country and its people, the Algerian regime has another path to follow, that of reconciliation with its people instead of taking revenge on them. The author of the article noted that it is difficult to predict the scale of the escalation with Morocco, to which the Algerian regime can resort, which discovered in 2021 to what extent it is experiencing bankruptcy, considering that this internal crisis made the regime believe it has no choice but to escalate with the Kingdom in the hope that it will help it escape its internal crisis. He noted that “pending the developments that will mark the year 2022, including the holding of the Arab Summit in Algeria, if the conditions for its organization will be met, the option of reconciliation with the Algerian people remains the most realistic one for the Algerian regime”, adding that this path will help the regime to move away “from futile adventures, such as a rapprochement with Iran, which has calculations of its own, linked to the change of the nature of Algeria from inside, targets which are rejected by the Algerians themselves”. The writer concluded that the regime’s reconciliation with the Algerian people will help them understand that the Sahara is Moroccan, and that quite simply the regime in Algeria has decided since 1975 to fabricate the Sahara issue, and that the goal behind that was to start a war of attrition against the neighboring country, Morocco.