‘Expo 2020 Dubai’: Emirates News Agency Sheds Light on Moroccan Pavilion

The Emirates News Agency (WAM) has shed light on the Moroccan Pavilion at the “Expo 2020 Dubai”, which presents the Kingdom’s history, identity and vision for the future. The UAE agency said the pavilion offers visitors the opportunity to experience the history of Morocco under the slogan “The Heritage of the Future: from inspiring origins to sustainable development”, through the rediscovery of the Kingdom and its tangible achievements, as well as insights into more than 4,200 species of plants, 600 of which are used for medicinal or aromatic purposes. It added that those interested in the medical field seek to find the Morocco Pavilion, where visitors, especially the doctors among them, can learn about the herbs and medicinal plants that Moroccan nature abounds, and discover their many medical benefits, reinforced and supported by several researches in Moroccan university laboratories. The WAM Agency pointed out that the Pavilion displays, through a mural of more than 4 meters high, most of the names of these plants and their benefits, in addition to the argan tree, which is a distinct emblem of a natural and cultural heritage without equal. It also noted that the Moroccan Pavilion is located in the heart of the Opportunity District near Al Wasl Square, the beating heart of “Expo 2020 Dubai,” and embodies Morocco’s commitment to a sustainable future for the planet through the use of climate control strategies such as vertical gardens, the presence of a large central courtyard to naturally ventilate and cool the building, and the use of a traditional thermal insulating building material, which played a major role in regulating the temperature.