King Felipe VI of Spain Stresses Importance of Redefining Relationship with Morocco on ‘Stronger Pillars’

King Felipe VI of Spain highlighted, Monday, the importance of redefining the relationship with Morocco on “stronger and more solid pillars”. “With Morocco, our respective governments have agreed to redefine together a relationship for the 21st century, based on stronger and more solid pillars,” the Spanish Sovereign noted, during a reception granted to the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Spain. “Now, both nations must walk together to start materializing this new relationship”, King Felipe VI pointed out. In this regard, the Spanish Sovereign said that the relations of his country with the Maghreb “have a strategic character”. “Our proximity and the intensity of the many ties that unite us make our relationship clearly interdependent. For this reason, our country will continue to make every effort to create and consolidate a common space of peace, stability and prosperity,” he said.