UN Organizations Ready to Partner with G77 under Morocco’s Chairmanship to Achieve Aspirations of Developing Countries

Several UN organizations expressed, Wednesday in Vienna, their readiness to partner with the G77+China under the Moroccan presidency, to help developing countries achieve their aspirations and meet the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. At the end of the ceremony of handing over the presidency of the G77 Vienna Chapter between Ambassador Alejandro Solano Ortiz of Costa Rica and Ambassador Azzeddine Farhane, Permanent Representative of Morocco, many Directors General and Executive Secretaries of UN agencies expressed their commitment to strengthen cooperation with the Group during the Moroccan chairmanship. In addition, the chairmen of the African Group (Ambassador Permanent Representative of Egypt), the Asia-Pacific Group (Ambassador Permanent Representative of Bangladesh), and the GRULAC (Ambassador Permanent Representative of El Salvador) in Vienna, congratulated Morocco on its selection as chair of the G77 Vienna Chapter and assured it of their full support for the implementation of its objectives. The chairman of the Arab Group in Vienna, Ambassador Soltan Mansour, permanent representative of Qatar, also praised Morocco and assured it of its full support for the accomplishment of its mission. On this occasion, several other ambassadors and delegations expressed their full support for the Kingdom’s chairmanship of the G77+China Group, including Pakistan, Paraguay, Jordan, China, Tunisia, Singapore, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, Syria, the Philippines, Ecuador and Cote d’Ivoire. Morocco took for the first time, Wednesday, the chairmanship of the G77 Vienna Chapter, a recognition that reflects the confidence and credibility enjoyed by the Kingdom within international organizations.