ECOWAS Parliament Speaker Praises HM the King’s Leadership in Africa

The Speaker of the Parliament of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Sidie Mohamed Tunis, on Monday praised the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI in the African continent. During his talks with the Speaker of the House of Representatives (lower house), Rachid Talbi Alami, Mr. Tunis hailed “the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI at the level of the African continent, as well as the quality of the strong and multidimensional relations linking the Kingdom of Morocco and the various West African States,” said a statement from the lower house. Mr. Tunis, who is leading an important parliamentary delegation on a visit to the Kingdom, underlined the will of the ECOWAS Parliament to establish solid and privileged relations with the two houses of the Moroccan Parliament, noting that “there are many points in common between us and parliamentary relations will contribute to greater rapprochement between the Kingdom of Morocco and this grouping”, adds the same source. For his part, Mr. Talbi Alami said that Morocco and the ECOWAS countries enjoy strong ties and face common challenges related to security, stability, development, climate change, renewable energies and to the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires more rapprochement, coordination and joint action. In this regard, the Speaker of the House of Representatives called for the strengthening of joint African parliamentary action to serve the interests of the peoples of the continent and the consolidation of the principles of democracy, stressing that “Africa is the continent of future and that we must work together for its development and ensure a better future”. Both sides stressed the need to give new impetus to cooperation between the House of Representatives and the ECOWAS Parliament, to strengthen parliamentary dialogue and communication, as well as to ensure continuous coordination and dialogue on the all issues of common interest.