Spain is Committed to Guaranteeing ‘Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity’ of Morocco – Government Presidency –

The Spanish government pledged, Friday, to guarantee “the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Morocco in the framework of “the new stage” started between the two countries. “Today we begin a new stage in relations with Morocco, based on mutual respect, implementation of agreements, no unilateral actions, and transparency and permanent communication. This new stage will be developed (…) on a clear and ambitious roadmap. All this to ensure the stability, sovereignty, territorial integrity and prosperity of our two countries,” said a statement by the Presidency of the Spanish government. In this regard, the Spanish government reaffirmed its “determination” to meet with Morocco “common challenges, including cooperation in managing migration flows in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, by always acting in a spirit of full cooperation, and to restore full normality in the movement of people and goods for the benefit of our peoples”. The Spanish government “welcomes” the scheduling of the visit of its president to Morocco “to develop the roadmap for this new stage, as well as the invitation to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation to visit Rabat before the end of the month,” the statement concluded.