Permanent Joint Migration Group Hails ‘Progress’ Made by Morocco-France Cooperation in Migration

The Moroccan-French Permanent Joint Migration Group (GMMP), meeting on Monday in Paris, welcomed the “progress” achieved in the cooperation between the two countries in the area of migration. The joint statement released at the end of this meeting underlines that “the two parties welcomed the progress made in the area of migration and reiterated their partnership in all areas, in a spirit of friendship, trust and mutual respect.” “The two sides agreed to work together to inject a new dynamic into all areas of migration in order to regain the pace of cooperation that existed before the pandemic,” the same source said. The Group recalls, moreover, that cooperation between Morocco and France in the area of migration is multidimensional and built around common achievements and concerted actions. The GMMP, established in 2018, has become a reference framework to channel mutually beneficial cooperation for both countries, it said. The structuring of the GMMP around sectoral subcommittees has helped to drive concrete achievements and optimize the channels of coordination between the various leaders, the Group further notes.