Pedro Sanchez: Relations with Morocco, ‘Affair of State That Requires State Policy’

Relations with Morocco, a ”neighbor and strategic partner”, are an “affair of State that requires a State policy”, said Wednesday, the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez. ”The government is firmly committed to opening a new stage in relations between the two countries, with a clear and ambitious roadmap,” Sanchez stressed before the Spanish Congress of Deputies. Morocco is “a neighbor and an indispensable strategic partner,” he said, adding that “throughout history, the two countries have established human ties, agreements and relationships that have forged common interests”. Thus, said Sanchez, the will of Spain is to establish with Morocco “relations that correspond to two neighboring countries with strategic importance in the areas of migration control, economic and trade relations and the fight against terrorism”. By opening a new page with Morocco, ”we have taken the path of realpolitik to meet the challenges of the State, including stability, prosperity and security,” Sanchez concluded.