Morocco is U.S.’ Top Regional Partner Thanks to its Continental Leadership – Expert

Morocco’s leadership in security and the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration at the continental level has made it the first regional partner of the United States of America, said political expert Mustapha Tossa. Speaking on Medi1TV’s program “Mawdoue Al Yaoum” (Theme of the Day), Tossa said that Rabat and Washington seek to consolidate a strategic partnership in multiple issues and a deep and valuable alliance, noting that successive U.S. administrations are unanimous about the need to strengthen relations with Morocco. He added that the frequent visits of U.S. officials to Morocco represent a recognition of the strategic role of the Kingdom in many issues of international interest, particularly the fight against terrorism, illegal immigration and environmental protection. According to the expert, Morocco’s participation in the “Negev Summit” demonstrates concretely that the United States of America is counting on Rabat as a regional player in the management of many crises. The expert further noted that Morocco is reaping the benefits of 20 years of wise and courageous diplomacy, conducted under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI. He added that this diplomacy, marked by professionalism, has reached a level that allows it to establish various partnerships with the United States of America without impacting its multifaceted relationship with the European Union.