Moroccan Sahara: Other Countries Should Follow Spain’s Lead – Peruvian MP –

Other countries should follow Spain’s lead on the Moroccan Sahara issue, by adopting positions respecting Morocco’s sovereignty over its territories, said Wednesday in Rabat, Gustavo Pacheco Villar, a Peruvian deputy sitting in the Andean Parliament. In a statement to MAP on the occasion of his visit to the Kingdom, Pacheco Villar welcomed the Spanish position on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, stressing that this position reinforces the dynamics of respect for the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. “We are working in the Andean Parliament so that our countries in Latin America follow the same path,” added the Peruvian parliamentarian, stressing the importance of the accession of the Moroccan Parliament as an observer member and advanced partner in the Andean Parliament. Pacheco Villar was, in this sense, commended the close collaboration between the Moroccan parliament and this important regional parliamentary body. He also highlighted the remarkable and sustained development witnessed by the Kingdom, on the way to become an important force at the international level, while proposing the creation of an institute dedicated to Morocco in Latin America.