Morocco, Spain Can Play Important Role in Prosperity and Stability in Europe and Africa – Pedro Sanchez –

Morocco and Spain can play an important role in the prosperity and stability in Europe and Africa, said, Thursday in Rabat, the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez. “Spain can play an important role for Africa and, undoubtedly, for Morocco within the European Union, just as Morocco can play and does play a decisive role for Spain and the EU within the African Union,” said Sanchez during a press briefing, on the occasion of his visit to the Kingdom at the invitation of HM the King. Morocco and Spain do not only share geographical proximity, but also the desire to move forward to promote economic recovery, modernize the productive fabric and develop mutual investment, he said. He noted in this sense that Spain is a priority partner for Morocco both in trade relations and investment and vice versa. “We have common goals, especially in the areas of energy transition, green hydrogen and renewable energy to ensure the progress of both countries, as well as economic stability and prosperity of Africa and Europe, “said Sanchez. Morocco and Spain can play a decisive role in political stability, socio-economic development and energy transition both in Europe and Africa, concluded the head of the Spanish Executive.