Migration Flows: Spanish-Moroccan Cooperation ‘Essential and Indispensable’ – Spanish Expert

Permanent collaboration between Spain and Morocco in migration flows management is “essential and indispensable”, Spanish expert in Maghreb affairs, Javier Fernandez Arribas said on Saturday. “Collaboration in migration management between Morocco and Spain is essential and indispensable”, Arribas told MAP, calling on the European Union (EU) to provide more support to both countries to address a global problem. “The European Union must play its role as an essential partner when it comes to providing the technical, human and financial resources needed to deal with a phenomenon that involves human beings (…) who face the consequences of conflicts, poverty, drought, or repression,” he added. “The agreements reached at the meeting of the Permanent Spanish-Moroccan Group on Migration, held on Friday in Rabat, are of great importance with respect to strengthening mechanisms for coordination and exchange of information, police cooperation centers, liaison officers, and joint patrols,” he noted. “Relations between Spain and Morocco are strategic and encompass all sectors of common interest, especially cooperation in security, the fight against terrorism, and cooperation in the management of illegal migration,” Arribas concluded.