House of Representatives: Adoption in Committee of Bill on Renewable Energy and Regulation of Electricity Sector

The Committee on Infrastructure, Energy, Mining and Environment of the House of Representatives adopted, Tuesday unanimously, the bill No. 40.19 amending and supplementing Law No. 13.09 on renewable energy and Law No. 48.15 on the regulation of the electricity sector and the establishment of the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (ANRE). The bill is in line with the guidelines of the Kingdom, which aim mainly to improve the business climate, strengthen transparency, facilitate access to information on investment opportunities and simplify authorization procedures, including reducing the legal deadlines for decisions on applications. It will also strengthen the attractiveness of the renewable energy sector for local and international private investment. The bill also aims to maintain the economic and social balance of public actors in the electricity sector, promote industrial integration and contribute to the emergence of a national entrepreneurial and industrial fabric in renewable energy technologies. In addition, it is meant to improve the legislative and regulatory framework that governs the activity of realization of renewable energy projects by the private sector, while ensuring the security of the national electrical system and the balance of all its components.