Palestinian Official Hails Morocco’s Support to Palestinian People

National Popular Congress of Al-Quds Secretary-General, General Bilal Al-Natsheh, praised Morocco’s support, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, to the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people, especially in Al-Quds, in order to consolidate its resistance. During his meeting last weekend in Ramallah with Moroccan Ambassador to the State of Palestine Abderrahim Meziane, Al-Natsheh highlighted the strong fraternal relationship between His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, and the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, the mutual roles in defending the Palestinian cause and Al-Quds and supporting the resistance of its people to face the Israeli plans for Judaization. During the meeting, both sides affirmed that the city of Al-Quds is not subject to negotiation or blackmail, and that its fate is decided only through political negotiation under international supervision. They also stressed that the preservation of the historical and legal status quo of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the rest of the Islamic and Christian Holy Places is a red line and that harming it means plunging the whole region into a conflict and a religious war with harmful consequences. The two officials discussed, during the meeting, the latest political and field developments in the Palestinian territories in light of the occupation’s continued aggression against the Palestinian people in all the Palestinian territories. In this regard, Al-Natsheh reviewed the escalation of the situation in Al-Quds city, especially the Israeli preparations for the so-called “media march” that settler groups are planning to hold during the coming week, warning that “such Israeli provocations are likely to maintain the state of tension, confrontation and instability in the Holy City.” He also referred to the economic conditions of the residents of the Holy City who suffer from the blockade at all levels, and the situation in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. For his part, the Moroccan ambassador stressed the depth of relations between Morocco and Palestine, stressing the importance of continuing the close cooperation between the two parties to serve the common causes. He also dwelt on the role of the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Agency, part of the Al-Quds Committee, which continues to provide the necessary assistance and ongoing support to the residents of Al-Quds and their resistance in the fields of education, health, culture and various social affairs. Meziane emphasized the need to communicate and coordinate with the Agency’s institutions in Al-Quds in the aforementioned areas, for the sake of the Palestinian cause in general and that of Al-Quds Al-Sharif in particular.