Upper House Speaker Holds Talks with President of Parliament of Latin America and Caribbean

Speaker of the House of Advisors (upper house), Naama Mayara, met, on Monday in Rabat, with president of the Parliament of Latin America and the Caribbean, Silvia del Rosario Giacoppo, currently on a working visit to Morocco. A statement by the upper house said that Mayara highlighted the excellent relations between the Moroccan Parliament, especially the House of Advisors, and the Parliament of Latin America and the Caribbean, two institutions, added to the same source, which share the same visions and approaches, including the necessary consolidation of South-South cooperation, in accordance with the High Guidance of HM King Mohammed VI for the achievement of common economic and social development objectives. It noted, in this regard, the leading role of the Parliamentary Forum of African, Latin American and Caribbean countries (AFROLAC) as a privileged space for dialogue and debate and also a mechanism for an effective materialization of cooperation between the countries of the two continents in the economic and social fields and this, in the interest of the peoples represented in this parliamentary institution called upon to open to other Arab countries, especially the Gulf region, which will be present at the next session of AFROLAC as observers. After welcoming the success of his visit to Panama last February and which was marked by the inauguration of the Mohammed VI Library at the headquarters of the Parliament of Latin America, the speaker of the House of Advisors stressed that the choice of the name of this library illustrates the interest of the Sovereign in cooperation with Latin American countries, stressing that the House of Advisors is committed to providing its support to this scientific building to enable it to promote the influence of Moroccan culture and be a temple of knowledge and learning. Mayara also said he was in favor of the request expressed by the president of the Parliament of Latin America and the Caribbean on the extension of this library, a typically Moroccan monument in the heart of one of the largest and oldest parliaments in Latin America and the Caribbean. He considered, according to the same source, that the inauguration this Monday of a Secretariat of AFROLAC at the headquarters of the House of Advisors illustrates the support given by the upper house to this parliamentary institution for the promotion of its role and its activities in the field of joint cooperation. In addition, Mayara highly commended the positions expressed by the parliament of Latin America and the Caribbean which illustrate its commitment to the values of peace and friendship as was the case regarding the firm decision of the Moroccan authorities to reopen the border post of El Guerguerat in the Moroccan Sahara and this, to ensure the smooth flow of trade and free movement of goods and people. He welcomed, in this regard, the positive positions of Argentina, home country of del Rosario Giacoppo, in favor of all just Moroccan causes. For her part, the president of the parliament of Latin America and the Caribbean highlighted the values that the Moroccan and Latin American peoples have in common, also mentioning the challenges posed while expressing her admiration for the progress made by Morocco in the technological field, the enshrining of social rights, the improvement of the quality of life of Moroccans and many other achievements. After noting the challenges facing the Latin American region and their impact on social peace, she pleaded for the importance of forming parliamentary alliances like those between Latin America and Africa and also to share experiences and good practices for the achievement of socio-economic development and consolidation of institutions. Del Rosario Giacoppo also welcomed the creation within the House of Advisors of a Secretariat of the Parliament of Latin America and the Caribbean, called upon to play an important role in promoting cooperation between the two regions in the economic, social and cultural fields, to the height of the expectations of both parties, and to boost the bilateral partnership in its true sense. Referring, moreover, to the inauguration of the Mohammed VI Library at the headquarters of the parliament of Latin America, she expressed her deep esteem for HM the King, while highlighting the high regard that Latin America has for the Sovereign.