Upper House Speaker on Working Visit to Chile, Uruguay on June 20-29

Speaker of the House of Advisors, Naama Mayara, will pay a working visit to the Republics of Chile and Uruguay from June 20 to 29, at the invitation of the presidents of the Senates of these two countries. A statement by the House of Advisors said that the visit of Mayara in the Republic of Chile (20/25 June) comes at the invitation of Senator Alvaro Elisande Soto, president of the Senate, and is part of the strengthening of ties of friendship and cooperation between the two legislative institutions. This visit is also part of the promotion of South-South cooperation and openness to the Latin American region, a policy advocated by HM King Mohammed VI, the statement added. After Chile, the speaker of the upper house will make a similar visit to the Republic of Uruguay from June 26 to 29, at the invitation of Beatriz Arguimon, president of the Senate and vice president of the Republic. This visit aims at, according to the same source, establishing solid parliamentary relations between the House of Advisors of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Senate of the Republic of Uruguay, and thus contribute to strengthening ties between the two countries.