Marrakech Hosts High-Level Meeting of Heads of North African, Sahel Counter-Terrorism Agencies

A high-level meeting of the Heads of Counter-Terrorism and Security Agencies of North African and Sahel countries began its work Thursday in Marrakech, under the auspices of the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism. This two-day high-level meeting, themed “Capacity Building and Training for West African States”, is attended by 23 countries in the region. It is a boon for the Heads of Security Agencies in the region, in that it provides them with an opportunity to discuss and exchange views on their assessment of the state of the threat in the Sahel region and its extension to the Gulf of Guinea. This event will also serve as a platform for high-level participants to discuss strategies and approaches to strengthen regional cooperation on counter-terrorism issues, terrorist threat assessment, and capacity building needs for long-term resilience.