Nador Province: Parties, Unions Highlight Human Dimension Advocated by Morocco in Dealing with Migration Issue

Several parties and trade unions highlighted the human dimension advocated by Morocco in dealing with the migration issue, following the attempted assault on the metal fence in the province of Nador. In statements, these parties and bodies have condemned all attempts to use these “tragic” incidents to undermine the country’s image and its African leadership on migration policy. The National Rally of Independents (RNI) said it is proud of the Moroccan approach to dealing with the migration issue, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, calling on the authorities and all forces of the country to act firmly against such acts that “aim to undermine our country and its positive achievements.” The RNI stressed the need to be vigilant and to mobilize to thwart these maneuvers, whatever their origin, reaffirming its pride in the strategic partnership between Morocco and Spain, based on trust and cooperation. The National Rally of Independents blamed the incident on human trafficking networks, which exploit the social conditions of nationals of some sub-Saharan countries, praising the professionalism of the public forces and their considerable efforts to maintain public order and protect lives and property. The Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) stressed the need to breathe new life into the National Strategy for Migration adopted by the Kingdom and to mobilize the resources and means of all stakeholders to act firmly against the networks of human trafficking, who bear the primary responsibility for the incidents of Nador. It also called for “facilitating the channels of integration of migrants to enable them to enjoy their fundamental economic and social rights and free them from the grip and temptations of these criminal networks. The PAM condemned all attempts to use these tragic events to undermine the reputation of our country and its leadership in Africa in terms of migration policy, which has regularized the legal situation of more than 50,000 immigrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, thanks to the High Royal Directions. In this regard, the Authenticity and Modernity Party praised “the responsibility and professionalism of the Moroccan public forces who intervened, in full compliance with the laws, charters of human rights and international conventions, while keeping in mind the humanitarian conditions that these migrants are going through. For its part, the Democratic Labor Organization (ODT) expressed its deep regret over this incident, stressing the need “to act firmly against gangs and mafias of human trafficking. In this regard, the ODT called for “activating the role of the African Migration Observatory to ensure its mission in monitoring and managing the issue of African migration.” The local authorities of the province of Nador had announced that a group of illegal sub-Saharan migrants attempted on Friday morning to enter the city of Mellilia by climbing the metal fence between the cities of Nador and Mellilia.