Pedro Sanchez Pleads for Supporting Morocco, Which Suffers from Consequences of Illegal Migration

The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, pleaded, Wednesday, for supporting Morocco, which suffers from the consequences of the illegal migration phenomenon. “As a transit country, Morocco suffers from the illegal migration problem, and we must help it to manage the mafias of human trafficking and control migration flows,” said Mr. Sanchez, who was the guest of the ”Hoy por Hoy” program on “Cadena Ser” radio. “The main culprits of what happened in Nador are the mafias of human trafficking which carried out a violent attack, as shown by the images circulating on the web and social networks,” the head of the Spanish Executive said, deploring the deaths that occurred in this assault and expressing his solidarity with their families. “We must put ourselves in the shoes of the Spanish security forces (…) and of the Moroccan public forces,” which suffered serious damage as a result of this violent attack, he stressed. Mr. Sanchez recalled that in the last 12 months, “at least eight violent attacks have been carried out by mafias at the metal fence in Nador, with armed people, using hooks, sticks, knives and axes.”  “The drama of illegal migration is complex, and we cannot look at it from a single point of view. The phenomenon must be analyzed from a global and transversal approach,” said the President of the Spanish Government. “Spain and the EU are called to increase development aid to countries of origin and transit that suffer from this phenomenon,” he said. According to Mr. Sanchez, “we must work with the countries of origin and transit, in this case, Morocco, to provide a comprehensive response to a phenomenon as complex as irregular immigration.” Illegal migrants coming from sub-Saharan countries attempted to storm the metal fence in the province of Nador, Friday morning, resorting to very violent methods and causing a huge stampede and fatal falls from the top of the fence. The latest death toll was 23 illegal sub-Saharans. This attempted forced entry, which left 140 law enforcement officials injured to varying degrees, was marked by the use of unprecedented violence by would-be illegal migrants against the law enforcement officials, who acted with professionalism and in compliance with the laws and regulations. Armed with stones, clubs and sharp objects, these would-be illegal migrants resisted violently the law enforcement officers, who were mobilized to prevent them from crossing the fence.