Opening of Allenby Border Crossing: Palestinian Media Highlight Moroccan Mediation

Palestinian media highlighted the positive echo of the Moroccan mediation under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al Quds Committee, which led to the opening, without interruption, of the “Allenby/King Hussein” border crossing linking the West Bank to Jordan. “Raya Media Network” stressed that this mediation was highly welcomed and appreciated by the Palestinians, given its positive impact on their economic and social life. Quoting former Palestinian Interior Minister and Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League, Saeed Abu Ali, the media group said that the opening 24/7 of the crossing would ease the suffering of travelers and facilitate their travel. Abu Ali recalled “the importance of the Palestinian cause in the consciousness of the Moroccan people, especially the city of Al Quds, the importance of the Palestinian cause for HM the King and the efforts made by the Sovereign to protect Al Quds and allow the Palestinian people to gain their freedom and independence and establish their state,” according to the newspaper. He also praised the role of the Al Quds Committee, chaired by HM King Mohammed VI and the Bayt Mal Al Quds Agency and the support they provide to strengthen the resistance of the inhabitants of the holy city. News website “Bokra” praised the Moroccan mediation. Quoting the secretary general of the Christian Islamic Commission for the Support of Al Quds and the Holy Places, Hatem Abdelqader, the media outlet wrote that this achievement would alleviate the suffering of Palestinian citizens who travel between the West Bank and Jordan. Abdelqader reviewed “the firm support provided by Morocco to the Palestinian cause at all levels and in all Arab and international events, and the Kingdom’s key role in supporting and strengthening the resistance of citizens in Al-Quds and preserving the Arab character of the city through the Bayt Mal Al Quds Agency and the completion of several achievements and projects for the benefit of the inhabitants and in support of their institutions. The site also highlighted the reaction of Hazem Al-Qawasmi, member of the secretariat of the “Campaign with Dignity for the Freedom of Movement of Palestinians,” towards the Moroccan initiative of opening the “Allenby/King Hussein” crossing, which is of paramount importance for the Palestinians. According to the same source, Al-Qawasmi expressed his deep appreciation to the Kingdom of Morocco for its support in facilitating the movement of Palestinians through this border crossing. Quoting Palestinian political analyst Ahmed Rafiq Awad, director of the Center for Future Studies of Al Quds at Al Quds University, the “Mada Al-Akhbar” news website said that this Moroccan mediation adds up to other efforts of the Kingdom to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians in their movement, especially at this crossing.