Opening of Allenby Bridge: Morocco’s Mediation Illustrates HM the King’s Enduring Commitment to Palestinian Cause – Expert

The opening, without interruption, of the Allenby/King Hussein border crossing linking the West Bank and Jordan, thanks to a direct mediation of the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, illustrates the sempiternal commitment of the Sovereign in favor of the Palestinian cause, said the expert in geostrategy and security, Cherkaoui Roudani. This initiative “reinforces the place and the leadership of HM the King on the international scene” and reflects once more the leading role of the Sovereign as chairman of the Al-Quds Committee in defending the Palestinian cause, the academic told MAP. This mediation also shows the actions and tireless efforts of the Kingdom towards Palestine and the Palestinian people, he added. This Royal diplomacy is the embodiment of a visionary strategy imbued with balance and soft power in a regional and international environment with very heterogeneous actors, the expert observed. The reopening of this strategic point, which is the only land border crossing for Palestinians with the rest of the world and especially the Arab-Islamic world, underlines the key role played by Moroccan diplomacy to preserve peace and security in the region, he added. According to Roudani, the reopening of this strategic passage will allow the Palestinian economy to further engage in a process of regional and international integration and will contribute to strengthening Palestinian export capacities. The Royal initiative is also part of a logic of the sustainable development of a dynamic relationship between Washington and Rabat and recalls the Moroccan strategic concept for the resolution of this conflict, the expert noted. The academic also highlighted the efforts of the Sovereign to revive negotiations between the two parties, stalled since 2014, and to bring together the regional and international political conditions to implement a sustainable and mutually acceptable peace plan. Given the importance of this border crossing for the West Bank, this initiative will help to further outline the contours of a two-state solution, he continued. The reopening of this border crossing could pave the way for political opportunities to engage both parties in a sustainable and mutually beneficial peace process, Roudani concluded.