Royal Speech, Societal Reflection Large-scale Project Animated by Patriotic Breath – Writer-journalist –

The historic speech that His Majesty King Mohammed VI addressed to the Nation on the occasion of the glorious Throne Day opens a large-scale project of societal reflection driven by a patriotic breath, said writer-journalist Talaâ Saoud Al Atlassi. “This breath is the energy that gives Morocco its resilience in the face of challenges it faces at the economic, social and health levels,” said Al Talassi in a column under the title “Morocco of dignity,” to be published Tuesday on the Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki newspaper. According to him, this project aims to give a new dynamic to the conscious participation of all, women and men, in the development of the country, especially through the promotion of social health of citizens, to serve a Morocco of dignity for all. This “Morocco of dignity”, he added, is illustrated by the interest that the Royal Speech has given to the generalization of compulsory social coverage for all, in order to immunize citizens against social and health precariousness, dignity being a perennial and tangible gift in daily life. “Dignity for all Moroccans” is both an ambition and a royal commitment, he noted, adding that the reformist and modernist project of the Sovereign draws its strength from the tremendous popular support it enjoys. In this sense, he added, the Moudawana has been a real “revolution” thanks to the wisdom of His Majesty the King who managed its genesis with great insight, involving His religious and political legitimacy to create a national consensus around a societal renaissance where women and men have interacted in good understanding. His Majesty the King has opened the possibility of reviewing the Family Code, revisiting its implementation, true to an approach of questioning, when necessary, the processes, tools and mechanisms of any practice, he noted. “This was the case when the Sovereign proposed the 2011 Constitution or when he called for a review of our development experience in order to produce an updated and precise conception of a New Development Model. In short, it is the King who is the sponsor of a historic reform project and who adjusts its paths to give it a new lease of life and to purge it if necessary,” he noted. It is in this sense, he pointed out, that the revision of the Moudawana is an important prelude to a societal debate that, far from polarizations and autarkic desires, could lead to a better Family Code, in line with the social body and the currents that run through it, without confrontation, friction or exclusion. In terms of foreign policy, the columnist noted that His Majesty the King is keen to intervene, directly or indirectly, the gift of geography in His speech and to fructify the neighborhood of the Kingdom, reiterating the call of the hand extended to the Algerian presidency to make the borders between the two countries bridges of exchange and contact. Noting the multiple and promising interactions of the Algerian-Moroccan brotherhood, moreover never denied, he believed that the lukewarm Algerian position could be overcome to embrace promising horizons of cooperation. This is all the more true that, in the current international situation full of multiform perils, the Moroccan-African unionist horizon could well serve as a screen to spare the region the aftershocks and provide it with many means of resilience, he said. “The royal fraternal call to the Algerian presidency is a call of wisdom, the call of the historical leader who takes into account the injunctions and imperatives of geography, those that generate historical determinisms,” said Al Atlassi, stressing that His Majesty the King addresses the Algerian presidency regardless of the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara. Because, he explained, the subject of “Moroccan Sahara is sealed. The UN, like dozens of influential international powers, has adopted the content of the Moroccan autonomy proposal”. “The Moroccanness of the Sahara is an established fact in international politics and the process of peaceful settlement is moving inevitably towards autonomy. Algeria’s relationship with this issue does not interest Morocco,” he said. According to him, the royal appeal to the Algerian presidency is a stimulus to awaken awareness of the brotherhood that binds the two peoples, “because it is the one that embodies the foundation and hope”. “Let us hope that the Algerian presidency will rise to the level of the unionist call of His Majesty the King and, for the sake of Moroccan-Algerian brotherhood, reach out to the hand of the King to respond to the calls of the future, the call for the dignity of both peoples,” he concluded.