Manhasset IV: J-12

The observers of the Sahara case don’t seem optimistic about the whereabouts of the 4th round of direct negotiations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Polisario Front which should resume in approximately Twelve days in Manhasset (Suburbs of New York).
In fact, the Polisario Front, revolutionary movement of Marxist obedience backed by Algeria and managing the sahraoui refugee camps, seems having hard time discussing the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Sahara, while at the same time a progressist fringe within the movement estimates that the Moroccan initiative is the only serious proposal for the conflict resolution, after the failure of the organization of a referendum in the region.

Indeed, the only solution to the crisis which can be advantageous to both parties is the immediate instauration of a large autonomy, which would preserve the local specificity of the Sahara while respecting the Moroccan territorial integrity. It is precisely on this matter that Morocco will never give up, having historical grounds on its side. Prove for this secular attachment of these provinces to the mother land is, the red color in the Moroccan flag, brought by the first Alaouites sultans in recognition to their native Sahara “ground”. Which undisputed demonstration of the "Morocanity" of the Sahara than the fact that the Alaoui dynasty is rooted in Sahara?