Peru: Former MP Slams President’s ‘Unfortunate Ideological’ Decision, Says Ties with Morocco Are ‘Too Strong to Be Harmed’

The former Peruvian MP and member of the Popular Action party, Ricardo Burga, said that Peru and Morocco have always maintained friendly relations that are “too strong to be harmed by unfortunate ideological decisions” taken by the current head of state, Pedro Castillo. Burga told M24 that he “deeply regrets the wrong decision of President Castillo on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara,” stressing in this context that Peru “cannot upset a friendly country that has always reached out to us.” The Peruvian politician insisted that the dogmatic decision of Castillo does not represent the will of the Peruvian people, recalling in this context the clear position of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Mackay, who resigned because of his differences with the “ideological” positions of the head of state. “Unfortunately, President Castillo is unaware of a country friendly to Peru like Morocco, and it is likely that he is unaware of its geographical location, let alone the geostrategic importance of Morocco in the world,” continued the former Peruvian deputy. Commenting on Castillo’s speech to the UN General Assembly, Ricardo Burga said that the Peruvian president “has no idea of what he is saying or the positions he is taking and the consequences that could result”, stressing that Congress should have been informed of the content of this speech before authorizing Castillo to participate in the work of the UNGA. Regarding the political crisis in his country, Burga said that President Castillo has broken all records in terms of ministerial reshuffles, with more than 74 ministers in 14 months in office, which has generated enormous political and economic instability in the country. Recalling that Castillo is being prosecuted in numerous cases of corruption, the Peruvian politician called on the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Congress to assume their responsibilities to put an end to the actions of a president who is damaging relations with friendly countries and allies through rash decisions.