Lower House Speaker Holds Talks with British Delegation

Speaker of the House of Representatives Rachid Talbi El Alami on Monday received a British parliamentary delegation, scheduled to hold a series of meetings with officials to create fruitful and lasting dialogue between Moroccan and British MPs. According to a statement released by the Moroccan lower house, the British delegation will have a closer look at the national political and parliamentary experience, in addition to identifying the significant projects the Kingdom of Morocco has launched. These talks focused on commending the historically and culturally long-standing relations between the two parties, examining examined the means to consolidate parliamentary cooperation through institutionalizing bilateral and multilateral ties and constant communication, among other means. The meetings also featured the presentation of the parliamentary experience in the two countries and the discussion of several questions of mutual concern, says the lower house statement. During the meeting, Lower House Speaker Talbi El Alami commended the distinguished ties between the two Kingdoms and the fruitful cooperation that links the Moroccan and British Parliaments, adds the same source. In the same respect, he noted the excellent partnership uniting the House of Representatives with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, which has resulted in the exchange of experiences and expertise between the two parties and gaining further knowledge about the parliamentary system in the United Kingdom. The Speaker of the House also informed the British parliamentary delegation of the political and institutional dynamism in the Kingdom of Morocco, culminating in the organization of legislative elections in September 2021, which witnessed the extensive participation of electors. In his encounter, Talbi El Alami also gave a brief overview of the peculiarities of the Moroccan parliamentary system and the relation of the House of Representatives with other branches and institutions. He also presented several features and characteristics of the Moroccan model and the Kingdom’s security and stability, in addition to the priority it gives to the human element, according to the statement. Besides, the Speaker mentioned Morocco’s engagement in several major projects, including health coverage, social protection, renewable energies, food security, and digital transition, which have enabled the Kingdom to become a role model at the continental and global levels. For their part, the members of the British parliamentary delegation noted that this visit aims to strengthen the bridges of constructive and lasting dialogue and communication between the parliamentarians of the two countries. This visit also aims to explore the Moroccan model and the peculiarities of the major projects the Kingdom of Morocco has launched, such as social protection, health coverage, renewable energies, and digital transition, in addition to the security and stability the Kingdom enjoys within the region. The British officials added that the delegation programmed several meetings and field visits that would enable it to have a clear picture of the Moroccan experience. During the exchange of thoughts and views with the Speaker of the House, the British parliamentary delegation expressed its admiration of the Moroccan experience and its aspiration to consolidate the Moroccan-British parliamentary ties on all bilateral and multilateral levels. British MPs also stressed the importance of exchanging experiences and expertise, especially given that the Kingdom of Morocco and the United Kingdom share several prominent issues. The meeting between the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the British parliamentary delegation was also an opportunity to exchange points of view on several regional, continental, and international questions of mutual concern and to highlight the vital role of parliamentarians in dealing with such questions and finding adequate answers to them. The British parliamentary delegation includes MP Fabian Uziell-Hamilton from the Labour Party, Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament, MP Bambos Charalambous, Shadow Middle East and Northern Africa Minister, and Lord Jeremy Purvis of Tweed, from the Liberal Democrats Party, Vice-Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group Morocco-APPG, which involves all political trends.