‘Open-Air Morgue’: American Petitioner Speaks Out against Undignified Living Conditions in Camps of Tindouf

Before the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly in New York, the organization Teach Children International, through the voice of its president Nancy Huff, spoke out against the undignified living conditions of the people sequestered in the camps of Tindouf, an open-air morgue. While the leaders of the “Polisario” continue to live a luxurious lifestyle by maintaining houses around the world, the people of the camps of Tindouf remain trapped in conditions that resemble prison without anyone defending them against the corruption of these leaders,” said Huff. The speaker also drew the attention of the audience to the detour by Algeria and the “Polisario” of the generous humanitarian aid sent by the international community to the people of the camps of Tindouf, for almost five decades. Citing in this context the damning report of the Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), Huff called on the international community to bring the separatists to account for their actions. The president of the organization Teach Children International also stressed that the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco is the “most humane and peaceful” solution to end the ordeal and suffering of the people in these camps located in northwestern Algeria.