Resolving Moroccan Sahara Dispute Goes Inevitably through Autonomy Plan – Petitioners

The resolution of the regional dispute around the Moroccan Sahara goes inevitably through the autonomy plan, which stands out for its seriousness and realism, said Friday in New York, petitioners members of the International Support Group for the Reunification and Peace of the Sahrawis. Thus, Gueda Rodríguez noted, before the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly that the Moroccan autonomy initiative, which enjoys growing international support, embodies the path to peace and represents the only viable solution to a conflict that has lasted too long. Presenting the findings of his group after years of studies, interviews and travels, the speaker said that the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara can not be resolved through the referendum project, now obsolete and unenforceable, noting that the armed separatist group operating in the camps of Tindouf with the blessing of the host country, Algeria, does not have any representation or legitimacy because it did not come from democratic elections. “It is sad to see in these camps created by Algeria young people and children armed” victims of manipulation, indoctrination and a devastating sense of frustration and hatred, he lamented, adding that this situation that has lasted for decades is “unfortunate and deplorable.” For years, generations of young people in the camps of Tindouf are subjected by their torturers Polisario to a single discourse made of hatred and confrontation, said indignant Mr. Rodriguez whose group includes personalities from various backgrounds and nationalities. He also denounced the detour by Algeria and the leaders of the “Polisario” of humanitarian aid intended by the international community to the populations sequestered in the camps of Tindouf. The member of the International Group to support the reunification and peace of the Sahrawis has also highlighted the firm commitment and comprehensive action taken by Morocco, particularly on the diplomatic front to defend its territorial integrity and national sovereignty. For his part, David Gourzong Cerdas, former deputy of Costa Rica and member of the International Support Group for the Reunification and Peace of the Sahrawis, stressed that the Sahara region has always been an integral part of the Kingdom of Morocco, one of the oldest and most ancestral nations in the world. He noted that the autonomy plan is the only solution that preserves the Sahrawi traditions and culture, essential components of the plural identity of Morocco, stressing that throughout the millennial history of Morocco, the Sahrawi tribes have always been linked to the Alawite throne by the pact of allegiance (Beia). He also said that the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara was created by Algeria, which supports and finances the armed seperatist group “polisario” on its own territory.