Moroccan Sahara: Autonomy Plan Is Winning Minds and Convictions – Political Expert –

The autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom to settle definitively the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara is winning the minds and convictions, underlined the political expert Mustapha Tossa. “The Security Council is discussing the Sahara issue in a context where the world situation on the Sahara has changed. American recognition, Spanish and German turn, almost Arab unanimity, African performance, all factors that make the mission of UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura permeable to many changes and other accelerations,” said Tossa, in an analysis entitled ”polisario, in the twilight of separatism!”, published Monday on the website “Atlasinfo”. “October is the month when the United Nations decides on the fate of its presence in the Moroccan Sahara under the cover of Minurso. In recent years, the status quo was the preferred path. The life of this UN force was extended. Today, regional power relations and international perceptions of this Saharan discord have changed,” he noted. According to the political expert, “the crisis and tensions are those caused by the polisario front under Algerian military sponsorship,” adding that the “end of an era is coming with its diplomatic uncertainties and regional unknowns”. For him, “it is clear today that many observers expect to see the effects of such developments on the perception of this regional conflict”. “(…) in the international legal literature, there is no longer any question of referendum or independence of the Sahara as the only Algerian propaganda trumpets, the possibility that this UN meeting on the Sahara may sound the end of the separatist adventure is very likely,” said the expert.