4th Parliamentary Forum of Regions, Step to Shed Light on Mechanism of Contractualization between State, Regions – Speaker –

The 4th edition of the annual parliamentary forum of the regions is a key step to shed light on the mechanism and approach of contractualization as a new mode of work between the state and the regions, able to establish an institutional partnership and ensure better convergence and coordination between national and regional development strategies, said Wednesday in Rabat, speaker of the House of Advisors, Enaam Mayara. Speaking at the opening of the forum, Mayara stressed the importance of this issue, especially in a national context marked by profound changes and major national projects, including the promotion of investment, and the major large-scale project of social protection, in addition to new challenges related to climate change and the problem of drought. The issue of contractualization “pushes us to research the available working tools, to focus more on the fields of action at the regional level and invites us to engage in reflection on the assessment of its implementation,” he added, pointing to some problems and questions raised in several studies of evaluation and analysis of this topic, including means of control and rationalization of the contractualization mechanism. Mayara emphasized the need to develop a clear framework of reference, as applied in the field of contractualization between the State, institutions and public establishments, able to meet the conditions for the development of agreements, their negotiation, their application and monitoring of their implementation and evaluation. These issues will be the focus of interventions and contributions of participants in the forum, organized under the patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, able to deliver views with the ultimate goal of involving all stakeholders in the process of implementation of regionalization, through their review of specific issues, the reconciliation of their views and the formulation of recommendations. He stressed, in this regard, the great responsibility that falls to members of the House of Advisors in the follow-up to the conclusions of this forum in terms of legislation, monitoring and evaluation of government action, to contribute to the success of this large-scale project. Mayara also said that this meeting is part of the continued examination of ways to establish a new mode of territorial management based on regionalization, stressing that the upper house is aware of the great responsibility that is devolved to back the implementation of this new territorial vision.