Will Manhasset “IV round” be the last one?

The Polisario Front and Morocco resume direct negotiations in Manhasset this week but the separatist movement supported by Algeria continues to insist in going back to the Baker plan.
The Baker plan proposed a transitional autonomy to be followed by a referendum in Sahara. The Kingdom of Morocco, according to what was relayed by the international press, stick to its “large autonomy” proposal for its western provinces, solution presenting the only politically viable issue to a conflict which lasts for almost 33 years. The autonomy plan devotes the cultural identities of the Sahara while enabling it to benefit from the total dynamics engaged by the State. Indeed, Morocco is ready to “review” its proposal, but the Polisario Front refuses to discuss it and continues to hold on to its impossible referendum.

The true stake of this 4th round of negotiations seems to be played rather by Algeria which continues to deny its involvement in the Sahara conflict. More and more Algerian people support the search for a political solution to the conflict which will respect the Moroccan territorial integrity and would lead to the normalization and establishment of good relations, so constructive exchanges can take place between Algiers and Rabat.