HM King Mohammed VI, ‘Very Strong Voice’ against Holocaust Denial – US Ambassador –

His Majesty King Mohammed VI has spoken out strongly against Holocaust denial and in favor of the ideals of tolerance in Morocco and in the world, US Ambassador to Morocco Puneet Talwar said Sunday in Casablanca. “HM has spoken out strongly against Holocaust denial, and has supported and encouraged tolerance and coexistence in Morocco, in the region and around the world,” Talwar said on the occasion of the International Day dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, in a statement to MAP TV channel M24. His Majesty King Mohammed VI continues to perpetuate “the strong legacy” of the late HM King Mohammed V and the late HM King Hassan II “by supporting tolerance, coexistence and religious harmony,” said the American ambassador at the end of the event organized under the theme: “Mohammed V: Savior of Moroccan Jews during the Holocaust”. “This is a very solemn occasion,” added Talwar, who regretted that “one of the greatest tragedies of this era (the Holocaust) is the fact that many people, millions of people, remained silent, and let this murder happen”. He emphasized, in this regard, that “Morocco was not indifferent to that time, thanks to His Majesty Sultan Mohammed V, who played a key role in protecting the Jewish community in Morocco,” welcoming the fact that “the legacy of HM Sultan Mohammed V is very strong today”. “This is something we are very happy to see,” Talwar noted, saying the United States is “very proud to stand with the Kingdom of Morocco on this issue.”