Rome: Morocco, Italy Examine Ways to Strengthen Parliamentary Cooperation

The strengthening of parliamentary cooperation between Morocco and Italy was the focus of talks, Thursday in Rome, between the Kingdom’s ambassador to Italy, Youssef Balla, and president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Lorenzo Fontana. The meeting, which took place at the Montecitorio Palace, was an opportunity to discuss ways to consolidate cooperation between the parliamentary institutions of both countries. In this regard, the two officials emphasized the need to revitalize the legal framework of parliamentary relations, so that it can fully fulfill its role as a central pillar of the multidimensional strategic partnership linking the two countries. They welcomed the excellent cooperation relations between the Moroccan and Italian legislative institutions, stressing the need to consolidate the role of friendship groups and foreign affairs committees at parliamentary and multilateral levels. Several regional issues and topics of bilateral cooperation were also discussed, including migration, and renewable energy, a promising area of convergence between Morocco and Italy. Morocco and Italy have concluded, in November 2019 in Rabat, a declaration of multidimensional strategic partnership which aims to maintain a permanent and in-depth dialogue on all sectors of common interest, notably the fight against terrorism and international crime. This instrument of cooperation is also meant to deepen the dialogue and cooperation in the legal and migration field.