Arab Journalists Union Condemns EU Parliament’s Campaign against Morocco

The Union of Arab Journalists condemned the European Parliament’s campaign against Morocco, saying that the accusations against Morocco in the Pegasus case are “mere allegations devoid of any basis”. As part of its monitoring of the EU Parliament campaign, the Arab Journalists Union noted the inability of the European parliamentary institution and NGOs that accuse Morocco to provide arguments and technically tangible evidence, said a statement by the Union, stressing that the case is reduced to mere accusations without any scientific basis. Condemning this campaign that is becoming systematic against Morocco, the Union underlined that it will continue to follow this case, within all institutions and competent Arab executives, at the level of the media field and human rights, as well as vis-à-vis all international organizations responsible for freedom of expression and human rights, it added. In addition, the Union of Arab Journalists expressed astonishment at “the decisions of the French justice system, which denies Morocco the right to plead before the French courts to demand arguments or evidence to support the accusations made against it by NGOs and reported by the press in several Western countries,” noting that the French courts have agreed to examine the complaints filed by French journalists against Morocco, claiming that their phones were spied on, without presenting any independent technical expertise to support these allegations. The Union also condemned the position of the European Parliament “which refuses to examine the reports and studies carried out by experts of different nationalities, and which show that the allegations it has made against Morocco are unfounded, without allowing the Kingdom to present its arguments and defend its innocence,” read the statement, which stressed that resolutions have been taken against Morocco on the basis of a campaign unveiled by European countries, with the aim of exerting political and diplomatic pressure on Morocco.