FM Points Up Morocco’s Support for Burkina Faso’s Stability

Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Expatriates, Nasser Bourita, stressed, on Wednesday in Rabat, Morocco’s support for the stability of Burkina Faso, especially at this particular stage in its history. Speaking at a press conference following his meeting with his counterpart from Burkina Faso, Olivia Ragnaghnèwendé Rouamba, Bourita said that the Kingdom is confident in the ability of the Burkinabé people and its armed forces to take the necessary steps to preserve national unity, stability and security in this brotherly African country. In this sense, the Minister said that HM King Mohammed VI has always stressed the importance of the solid relations that unite the two peoples and the two sister countries, based on solidarity and fruitful cooperation, recalling the High Royal Instructions to provide medical assistance to Burkina Faso during the COVID-19 pandemic. This solidarity, he said, will always be the “hallmark” of relations between the two countries. After highlighting the priority Morocco attaches to supporting the stability and development of African countries, which His Majesty the King has always stressed, Bourita noted that the Kingdom is “a loyal friend and a partner in solidarity” with this African country. He also said that the visit of the Burkinabe minister, which is part of the ongoing coordination between the two countries, was also an opportunity for the new Ambassador of Burkina Faso in Morocco to present the copies of his credentials, noting that this will allow continuous monitoring of joint projects and support initiatives that could contribute to stability in Burkina Faso. The Minister also paid tribute to the role played by Burkina Faso within the G5 Sahel in the fight against terrorism in the region and reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to supporting Burkina Faso’s efforts to combat terrorism, which threatens the stability of the country and the peace of its people. In addition, he stressed that this African country aims, through its actions, to preserve the security of its citizens and is waging, on behalf of the region, a war against terrorism, which requires the support of all. Regarding the strengthening of bilateral cooperation in various fields, the Minister recalled the increase in the number of scholarships granted to Burkina Faso in recent years to reach 100, in addition to 30 others for training in the Moroccan Sahara following the opening of a Burkinabe consulate in Dakhla, noting that it was agreed today to grant 50 new scholarships in the field of technical cooperation. In accordance with the high instructions of HM the King, Morocco is always ready to share its experience and expertise in the field of sectoral cooperation with all its African brothers, he added, noting that these new scholarships will contribute to supporting bilateral sectoral cooperation. Regarding regional issues, especially in Africa and the Sahel region, Bourita highlighted the convergence of views of the two countries on the situation and how to deal with it, stressing the importance of working within the framework of a serene and fruitful dialogue to prioritize the stability of the region, making the fight against terrorism by the countries concerned the basis for the success of any strategy to combat terrorism.