2023 MEDays Grand Prize Awarded to Comoros President

The 2023 MEDays Grand Prize was awarded, Saturday in Tangier, to Azali Assoumani, President of the Union of the Comoros and current Chairman of the African Union. The awarding of this prize is in recognition of Assoumani’s leadership during his presidency of the pan-African institution, marked in particular by the African Union’s membership of the G20. It also illustrates the fraternal and multidimensional ties between Morocco and the Comoros. Reacting to this vibrant tribute, the Comorian President pointed out that the MEDays Forum “has established itself as a true forum of the South, where decision-makers and experts meet to exchange views on the prospects for the countries of the South, in particular those of Africa”. “I am deeply honored to receive this Grand Prize in recognition of my tireless efforts, on behalf of the Union of the Comoros and the African Union, in support of African unity, solidarity and integration, and in favor of greater peace and development for our continent,” said Assoumani. The Comorian head of state also praised HM King Mohammed VI’s interest in strengthening exchanges between African players, both public and private ones, on important geopolitical and economic issues. The President of the Aamdeus Institute, Brahim Fassi Fihri, said that the awarding of the Grand Prize to the President of the Union of the Comoros was a tribute to Assoumani’s actions on behalf of the continent since he took over the presidency of the African Union, underlining that the pan-African organization’s presence today as a permanent member of the G20 was possible “thanks to the excellence of African leaders such as Mr. Assoumani.” The 15th edition of the MEDays International Forum, held from November 15 to 18 under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, brought together more than 200 high-level speakers, including heads of state and government, political decision-makers, Nobel Prize winners, heads of major international companies and leading international personalities from over a hundred countries.