Morocco-UAE Partnership to Become Key Player in Global Economy – Euro-Mediterranean Observatory –

Morocco-UAE partnership, consolidated by the signing of the Declaration “Towards an innovative, renewed, and rooted partnership between the Kingdom of Morocco and the State of United Arab Emirates,” establishes the unique position of the two countries to become “key players” in global economy, the Madrid-based Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Public Policy and Democracy said on Wednesday. ”Taking into account the current international economic situation and macro-economic changes, Morocco-UAE partnership redesigns alliances around emerging countries’ development and establishes the vision of Morocco which has always advocated for win-win South-South cooperation,” the Observatory’s Director, Fernando Olivan, told MAP. ”The Declaration thus constitutes the first step towards building a new partnership model, thanks to the far-sighted vision of the leaders of the two countries,” Olivan, professor at King Juan Carlos University, underlined. ”This innovative partnership opens up prospects for creating a new prosperous economic area oriented towards other regions of the world,” he noted. ”The memoranda signed within the framework of this Declaration are of crucial importance, since they place the two countries at the forefront of a new framework of inter-regional cooperation benefiting Morocco as a gateway to the African continent and a reliable partner of Europe,” the Spanish academic concluded.