Morocco/Spain: Symbiosis Promoting Stability & Regional Development – South African Analyst –

The symbiosis marking relations between Morocco and Spain is a factor conducive to stability, peace and regional development, South African analyst and editor of channel “Power 98.FM”, Morio Sanyane, said Thursday.    “While we are witnessing an exacerbation of conflicts all over the world, the two neighboring countries, Morocco and Spain, have chosen the path of peace and stability,” Sanyane told MAP, noting that the consolidation of bilateral relations raises hope for a better future for the region’s peoples.    The South African analyst underlined that the visit of the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, to Morocco will provide a favorable opportunity for the two countries to strengthen their ties in key sectors such as economy and infrastructure, thus providing tangible benefits to both peoples.    He also noted that the excellent relations between the two Kingdoms is the fruit of Moroccan diplomacy which has experienced strong momentum in recent years.