The Sahara conflict, Security Council : End of controversies

While looking for a means to transcend the difficulties in order to take the Sahara conflict from the deadlock, the Security Council has adopted, during its meeting on 30th April, 2009, the Resolution 1871 while deciding to preserve the Resolution 1813 in its totality, within the frame of continuity refuting to go back and reinforcing the process committed since 2007 thanks to the Moroccan autonomy initiative.
The series of obstacles since more than 30 years would have finally convinced the members of the Security Council of the sincerity of Morocco who wants to achieve a quick, concerted and sustainable settlement of the conflict in a manner that would exclude all the pipe dreams screenplays which can not be applied in reality, that is:
* Abandon the UNO mediation and let the belligerents have the armed hostilities as a resort which would launch a civil war in the Sahara between the majority of Sahrawis living in the secured region undergoing a large development, and their brothers deprived of all the human rights in Tindouf, with the risk of the region’s explosion.
* Deny the existence of the Polisario and the human tragedy of the Moroccan Sahrawis sequestrated in the Algerian territory.

* Get back to the marathon of the referendum and its dilemma of identification which has shown to be impossible to apply according to the declarations of the successive general secretaries of the United Nations. Morocco, Algeria and the Polisario, each one of them has its own conception of the population and the territory.
* Dividing Sahara while breaking up the population of the Sahara, so tightly unified, and this in order to allow Algeria to have an entrance to the Atlantic Ocean.
* Let time arrange things, meanwhile, each one remains in his place, Morocco in its Sahara, the Polisario leaders in their big palaces, travelling around the world, and the poor sequestrated in their agony in Tindouf. The  Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic created, set up and recognized by Algeria where its flag is streaming, is at the summit of anachronism when it asks for the right of self determination while pretending to be a state.
* Deny completely the neighbourhood between the two sister countries Morocco and Algeria, thus, trying to change the geography.
Today, it goes without saying that the weight of the international restraints should be taken into consideration in the relationship between Morocco and Algeria, in the sense that this relationship can not avoid being affected by the ONU attitudes and actions in treating the Sahara question.