Polisario chief a“ Wanted Man” in Spain

ghali-brahim-cuit-en-espagneBrahim Ghali, the Sahrawi torturer and slayer, who was turned last July by his Algerian masters and intel military commanders, into Head of the polisario’s self-proclaimed RASD, is now a wanted man in Spain and particularly by Spanish Justice.

Brahim Ghali, ringleader of the polisario who served as a defense minister of the so-called RASD, is now being hunted and wanted for the crimes he committed in Lahmada camp, Southern Algeria.

Spanish national court judge Jose de la Mata has reopened lately the criminal case against Brahim Ghali along with 24 other polisario officials and three Algerian army officers for “genocide and crimes against humanity”.

Ghali, the separatists’ leader, who was expected to attend a pro-polisario conference scheduled in Spain Nov.18-19, has been summoned by a Madrid Court to appear before Judge José de la Mata.

The defendant should appear before the Judge Nov.19th following the lawsuits filed in 2007 and 2008 against him and other members of the polisario group for “crimes against humanity, torture, genocide and sequestration”.

As soon as they learnt about the planned visit of Brahim Ghali to Barcelona to take part in a separatist propaganda conference, the plaintiffs’ lawyers requested the reopening of the criminal case against the polisario chief.

Judge Jose de la Mata asked Spanish police to confirm the identity of the polisario chief  among the expected attendees of the Barcelona conference, which they did.

After his ID confirmation, the criminal proceedings were set on track awaiting for the fugitive to come out.  It seems that Brahim Ghali and his accomplices will always be haunted by their dark past and by the souls of hundreds of their victims, those who were tortured and murdered in the Camps of Tindouf.

Sensing the danger and growing risks of his Spanish trip, Ghali’s puts off his risky trip to Spain.